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PostSubject: Canon List   Canon List Icon_minitimeWed Jul 18, 2007 3:15 pm

One King [reserved]
-William Lancaster

One Queen [reserved]
-Melody Lancaster

Two Princesses
-Kairi Lancaster
-Autumn Lancaster

Two Princes

Unlimited Knights and Knightresses
-Luke Pierce
-Aidan Thatcher
-Alexander Wingback

Five Counts and Countesses

Unlimited Royal Guests form other Kingdoms

Unlimited Maids/Bulters
-Ida-Marie James

Unlimited Witches
-Ida-Marie James

Unlimited Faeries

Unlimited Swanmmays

Unlimited Elves

Unlimited Witch-hunters

Unlimited Vampires
-Aidan Thatcher

Unlimited Werewolves
-Luke Pierce
-Alexander Wingback

Unlimited Celestials

Unlimited Centaurs

Unlimited Demons

Unlimited Dwarfs

Unlimited Gnomes

Unlimited Feys

Canon List Kairir
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Canon List
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