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 Ceremony of Rank

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PostSubject: Ceremony of Rank   Ceremony of Rank Icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2007 10:40 pm

Location: Dining Hall
Summary: Luke and Aidan are named first knights of Amoare
Characters: All

Aidan kneeled on bended knee. Wearing his heavy silver armor that had protected him for years, he held his helmet in one arm and in the other he pointed the dragon envgraved sword tip to the stone floor. On the platform above him stood King William flashed a quick grin towards him and then addressed his people.

"Sir Aidan Thatcher has lived in the Kingdom of Amoare his entire life, the equalivent of 21 years. On a warm spring day he was born the son of Benjamin and Katherine Thatcher. Following in his fathers footsteps, Aidan has always strived to be the best at every thing he did. 'Extremely competitive, cunning, and powerful,' were how his trainers described the young boy, years ahead of the normal skill level of his age. I ask you Sir Aidan, do you so swear to protect this Kingdom of Amoare and it's heirs with all the power you contain? Are you aware that as First Knight you will have the weight of the Kingdom on your shoulders.?"

Aidan swallowed the heart that had leaped into his throat from his chest. He had dreamed of that very moment ever since he was a child. 'Following in daddy's footsteps.' His brown eyes starred up at the tall King and stated loudly for all the crowd behind him to hear. "I, Aidan Thatcher, son of William, so swear to protect the Kingdom of Amoare with all of my power, knowing that it enquires many sacrifices and risks. I am willing to give my life for my home and it's heirs." His thoughts drifted towards Kairi. He was now worthy of her. A little more than a month later he had had a steak pierced through his heart. He was now all human. Never since craving the taste of blood. He continues, "I am aware of my responsibilities and authority over the Kingdom of Amoare."

The asked him for his sword and Aidan handed it to him. He tapped both of his shoulders and announced him as First Knight of Amoare. When he stood the crowd cheered and clapped. Aidan waved and nodded, his gaze fallign upon the beautiful Kairi who stood next to Prince Erec. Hatred rumbled in hsi stomach and extended to his chest. But he maintained a smile and showed no angry emotion. Luke's name was anounced and when he past his best friend, he clasped his hands with Lukes and gave it a strong shake. They were the First Knights, the highest rank a non heir could recieve. Aidan stood next to Autumn a few paces in front of Kairi and watched as Luke kneeled.

Aidan turned his head backwards and smiled warmly at Kairi. Then to Erec his gaze fell. He gave him a look of pure hatred and starred into his dark evil eyes that had witness so much bloodshed, that had caused the deaths and destruction of many. He knew little about him, but had already formed a high opinion based on rumors. Now he could learn more, now he had authority. He looked back towards Kairi and gave her now a sad look to find that Erec had his arm around her waist. He returned his attention back to the ceremony and swallowed all emotion.
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Ceremony of Rank
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