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 For the NIght.

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For the NIght. Empty
PostSubject: For the NIght.   For the NIght. Icon_minitimeSun Jul 29, 2007 3:19 pm

Location: Maid Dormitories
Summary: Ida-marie and her baby brother stay her for the night
Characters: Ida-marie and Phoenix

"Phoenix what are we going to do?" Ida asked her brother.As she looked at him.He looked around. "I know its strange, but its or home now.Well at lest for a While" Phoenix began to cry. And Ida knew why too. He wanted his mum and dad. So she decided to take out an old photo, it was damged but there was her mum and dad.

"Phoenix I hope this wont cause no trouble." she said with a sigh.
She waved her Finger over the photo and said movemeonty. Then People in side began to move and smile. SHe handed the photo to her brother and he smiled.

When her brother was a sleep she took out her notebook. And began to write. She could write for hours and hours. Why me?? i can't take care of him. What if the people here aren't friendly to witches and they.... She let her words trail off, because the thought hurt her alone. She but the photo in the notebook and closed it. She placed it back in her bag and went to sleep, becuase tomarrow would be a new day. But Something kept her awake so she sat up in the dark, and looked around like her brother did and thought. What am i going to do. What if these people found out and didnt like her. And.... and.... This thought kept coming back to her. But they did but her hear, and gave her a job. Maybe a bit of... NO i cant use it! What am i doing, im fighting my self. Maire decided to go to sleep, and in the moring she would decided what she was going to do.
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For the NIght.
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